Commercial Properties

Greco Reggi Commercial spaces are ideal for businesses that need a reception area, cubicle space, offices, and
conference rooms. Properties are centrally located, making it easy for employees who commute.

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10451 W Oakview Pkwy
Oak Creek Wisconsin

  • Tenant:  Greco & Sons of WI              118,000 sf
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1100 Marlin Court
Waukesha Wisconsin

  • Tenant: Greco & Sons of WI             49,500 sf
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1580 Hecht Court
Bartlett, Illinois

  • Tenant: BBS Automation                64,531 sf
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1550 Hecht Drive
Bartlett Illinois

  • Greco and Sons Headquarters
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402 63rd Street
Phoenix, Arizona

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4450 N. 45th Ave
Phoenix, Arizona

  • Vacant: 118,425 sf
  • Tenant: Greco & Sons of AZ                   137,384 sf
  • Tenant: Hensley & Company                  112,669 sf
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1301 Schiferl Road
Bartlett, Illinois

  • Tenant: Cheese Merchants of America  277,088 sf
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